A few useful links for people I've worked with before, and can highly recommend.

Steve Ayres Photography

Steve's photography speaks for itself really - smooth, effortless and classy. A true luxury to be photographed with such skill. Highly recommended.

Pebble Heaven Photography

  Pebble is a lovely, friendly lady, who takes beautiful photography. She was my official photographer at my wedding, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results! 

Taken from her website: ''I see myself as a bubbly and enthusiastic person, who loves to see and capture the beauty in everyone. I have a very relaxed and easy going manner, naturally putting people at ease, making photography fun whilst remaining focused and professional. I love to see beyond an image, and strive to bring out the soul and personality of individuals.

The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched, they are felt by the heart, and it's those feelings that I love to capture, those little adoring glances, that hilarious roar of laughter, or that special tight squeeze of a hug. It's your love, but it's my passion, and I absolutely love what I do and I believe that this shows through my work.''

Rusty and Sailor Photography

Rusty and Sailor have photographed a few of the weddings I have worked on, and the results are fantastic.

Taken from their website: Just lovely images for you to keep for ever and a day, we love photographing being creative and good at what we do. As professionals we know we have to deliver a salable product but a product that stirs all the right emotions when you see your images.

Pink Rose Cakes


Absolutely gorgeous cakes designed and made by Pink Rose Cakes.

You need only look at the testimonials to see what a fantastic job this lovely lady does every time!

Taken from her website: Pink Rose Cakes is one of Brighton's leading cake designers, creating innovative and bespoke wedding cakes, sculpted cakes and birthday cakes. From elegant, classic and traditional creations through to chocolate towers and bright flights of fantasy, our company can ensure you have a show-stopping centre piece for your event.


Wedding Cakes by Lisa Broughton

What can I say? You won't find a more delicious and beautiful cake in Croydon!

Taken from her website: I design and make wedding and celebration cakes, custom made to order. I have over twenty years of cake making and decorating experience. Whether your choice is a traditional cake with tiers, contemporary, or novelty design, I will be happy to design a cake to your specifications to suit your style and budget.


Aphrodite Weddings

Helen is well experienced, and has endless ideas and tricks up her sleeves to make your wedding all that you want it to do, and more! She is friendly, approachable and good fun, making the planning of your wedding a breeze. 


3D Flower Preservation

'We can preserve your wedding bouquet and transform your flowers into a timeless keepsake to treasure for years to come'


The Flower Preservation House

After your wonderful day has ended, you can have your beautiful bouquet preserved as an everlasting reminder of your special day. Their service is professional and helpful, and their work exquisite.

Taken from their website: "Whether we preserve just a single flower or every flower from a prodigious event, our imaginative design service will create a stunning memento to be cherished. We do not press your flowers. Our preservation expertise allows us to ensure that the flowers maintain their natural 3D appearance."

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